Based on my experiences in my 10-year relationship

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The quality of the book is always better than quantity of the pages

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Your guide to the perfect desert road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and back

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A Medium publication for part-time travelers and full-time fun seekers — new writers welcome!

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How I use the first two hours each day to set myself up for success

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The media is sweeping under the rug the former Bachelor’s stalking scandal by focusing on the recent news of his sexuality

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Proof that classic literature is still relevant today

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Start spring off right with these book releases coming out April 2021.

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How I made peace with my email inbox by filling it with messages that only serve me and my life

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Lola Green

Wife, mother, & friend. Drinker of craft beer, lover of books, & diehard Back to the Future fan. I came to the party for the free food… Pronouns: she/her

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